Welcome to the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society!!

Since 2009 and three girls who had too much time on their hands, the ACMSES has expanded to nearly forty international authors, all united in our love of writing and creativity, our fascination with all kinds of different fandoms, and our mutual dislike of terribly-written characters known as Mary-Sues.

We place our self-inserts and original characters (all closely monitored for Sueishness, honest!!) into fandoms, with the mission of tracking down and hopefully capturing the Sue. Our success rate isn't always the best; we often mess up in highly amusing ways, and for added drama, we have attracted the attention of some rather nefarious individuals.

We write our fics, and post them on and sometimes on DeviantArt. We are very welcoming and open to everyone who has questions; we don't bite!! Our admins are Mei1105 (talk), Aster Selene (talk) and Master of the Library (talk).

This Wiki is our information database. We aim to have up-to-date data on all our agents, our enemies, and the other hooks and plots that help us along, all linked to our story archive.

If you like what you read on our Wiki and fancy yourself an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary Sue Elimination Society, this is the page to read. We pride ourselves on quality, but we are always willing to address any prospective rookies.

Please enjoy!!