Not to be confused with Author 12 .
Aster Selene
Human Aster
Name Aster Selene
Gender Female
Age 19 (in years); 14 (physically but maturing)
Introduced In "Insert Blatant Anime Reference Here"

Aster Selene (Aστήρ Σελήνη Astér Seléne/アスタ・セリーン Asuta Serīn) is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Fae Aster

A picture of Aster in her fae form.

Aster was created by Author #12 as an envoy to the fictional world.


In Aster's human form, she wears a sailor fuku and has a short ponytail cutting off at the top of her neck; in her fae form, she has a dress and wings and a long ponytail. Her hair and eyes are blue, although they are never officially described as such (except in Society fics); they are pictured so in the illustrations, however. She is 5'5" and is slightly light and curvaceous for her height; however, this can probably be attributed to the anime drawing style. Having such a figure and being so powerful has brought her much suspicion of being a Sue; however, her blatant idiocy proves otherwise.

Aster has two "bangles" in front of her face/ears, along with bangs that are lowest on her right and highest on her left (ending with a pin, in her human form). Her hair and eyes are a generic blue as well as the dark parts on her sailor fuku (the rest is white). Her fae dress is dark blue with a light blue/white ribbon (the artist AKA the original Author is too lazy to decide).


"Yeah, I'm lazy, but then I don't have to do as much."

For a while, Aster lacked a soul. Since her soul was taken out during her excruciating process as the Moon Guardian, Aster was only left with a personality "shell" that acts identically to her original personality (which the fae raised as "Evangeline" currently harbors). As Aster progressed to more and more powerful forms, she lost the influence of this shell, and cared less about worldly matters (seen in Form III). Because of the fact that, unlike previous Guardians, Aster spent most of her time in her lesser forms (human and first fae), this shell has a great amount of jurisdiction over her, and so in a physical-interaction sense she did act as if she has a soul and personality. Currently her soul is "tied" to her body, allowing her to use it.

Lazy, stubborn, narrow-minded, arrogant, rude, and idiotic, Aster is a combination of the traits no person would like to exhibit together at once. She's very demanding and expects the world to revolve around her; she's also very ditzy and loses track of things rather easily. Being so light-headed, she can't comprehend too many things at once and is very naïve. She also believes in her own superiority; the only thing she really wants is to be considered a special person by other people's standards, and always thinks her deeds are inherently good or are devoid of anything really evil (even though she believes so, her actual alignment is somewhat of a Neutral Good when not in the Society).

Despite her idiocy and inability to obey anyone when it comes to general things, when it comes to serious things (such as fighting Sues or battling other forces), Aster is obedient and will follow any order given by any of four people: Chrys (who is her childhood friend and eternal partner in combat), Akai (whom Aster owes a life debt to), Tash (the leader of the Society in Aster's eyes), and Adrian (whom somehow Aster is submissive to at any cost). Aster does not show such obedience to anyone else. For any of those four people, Aster will willingly do anything even if it will mean her death, which can include getting between an agent and a Sue if one of those four gives the proper orders. For those four, and those four only, Aster will ignore morals and will not take sides in order to follow their wishes. This can make her very useful in a mission or quest, but can also pose several risks to her life - and possibly others'.

Aster has an obsession with manga and spouts it all the time. This is not easily exhibited in her home universe when she can only read manga in the bookstore after school, but in the Library, where manga is everywhere, Aster sprouts a potent weakness. This even contributes to her displaying a sadistic, cruel side when teaching her manga classes. Being very well-read and proficient in shoujo manga, Aster is very good with identifying, analyzing, and helping with romantic relationships; she knew Adrian and Tash were together long before they publicly announced it, and when Aster saw Ben's state of mind and actions after he claimed to have killed Bella, she was able to tell immediately that there was a romantic issue. She also gave him advice when he was doubting the validity of his and Bella's relationship.

She uses honorifics to refer to everyone, even non-Japanese; the three Leaders, large male figures of authority, and other females older than her are referred to with -san; all teachers and doctors with -sensei, all familiar females with -chan, and all familiar and older males (she doesn't like males much) with -kun. Even though she will have certain admiration or liking to some males, they will not go further than a mere sense of acceptance; she does not hold any romantic feelings or respect. While the original Aster is slated to get a love interest, Society!Aster is not.

She's straighter than a metal pole and has a severe case of homophobia. Due to this she's got a deathly fear of Phoenixia, because she's afraid of certain...consequences...that might occur as a result of hanging around her. Of course, Phoenixia's got a lot more self-restraint than that and respects Aster's beliefs, but that doesn't stop Aster from going paranoid, and of course Phoenixia loves to tease her...

The Counter Guardians have the ability to trigger Aster's 'tsundere mode' (she views the Counter Guardians as 'intruders' and sees their presence as unnecessary), Aramayis and Kuroneko particularly (since they are not from any form of media, and because Aster does not like Aramayis's patience and Kuroneko's more placid manner).


"What, my past? It's really boring. You sure you want to hear?"


While Aster's past can be referred to as "semi-dark", Aster has no qualms about narrating her tale to anyone, and will tell anyone who asks... simply because she believes it's not dark. But nobody's really asked her, so she doesn't care.

Aster Selene was born on (God knows when) to a human family and named “Evangeline”. (This name was coined before the Disney Princess and the Frog movie, incidentally.) In a nearby fae clan, it was decided that a baby needed to be chosen to become the Moon Guardian, but the mother of the baby had no desire to have her baby subjected to such a ritual. So, she took the “changeling” option, and switched her baby with newborn Evangeline. To be the Moon Guardian, the chosen one must have her soul ripped out. So, Evangeline’s soul was ripped out and taken to the fae-born baby. From then, the baby grew up with the memories, appearance, personality, and name of Evangeline, while the born Evangeline was taken in by the fae. The now-fae-but-formerly-human girl was named Aster Selene. “Aster” was the Greek word for “star”, which seemed (somewhat) fitting. “Selene” was the Greek goddess of the moon, and seemed a good title for the Moon Guardian.

Aster found the fae to be a quite stuffy and stupid race (in her words, "boring"), and ran away, with no idea of the time or her age. She was estimated to be around four or five. She wandered through a portal into the human world and was immediately mistaken for a toddler who should be in school. She was placed in a tot’s school in America, and after a year she met her first real friend, Chrys.

Chrys was the daughter of a female youkai (dog demon, if you haven’t seen Inuyasha yet) and a human man in some other realm, but her biological mother put her in the new dimension when she was an infant to avoid angry villagers. She lived with a foster family (who was aware of Chrys’s identity but didn’t know that she knew). (Chrys had yet to realize her identity until much later.)

Neither Aster nor Chrys knew their real ages (since Aster had grown up thinking that she was younger than she actually was, her body matured as such), but their schools had entered Chrys to be one year Aster’s senior. Chrys’s family decided to move her to another foster family in Japan (in actuality, this family would only take “official” status as Chrys’s family and for the most part Chrys would be living alone). Not wanting to lose her only friend, Aster made plans to move with her. After almost three months of all-nighters and exhaustive Japanese studying, Aster had enough Japanese knowledge to keep her barely alive (which thankfully would improve over the years).

When Chrys and Aster moved to Japan, Chrys received her first dog ears, and went dimension sliding to meet her counterpart/resurrection reliance/somewhat-friend/voice of sarcasm sprite Mizuho. Aster became hooked onto anime/manga, and Chrys and Aster were known to sneak mp3 players under their pillows at night. Aster got to know most of Chrys’s friends, Phi, Gai, Ben (not to be confused with the Ben in the Society), etc., and Chrys met a friend Aster had made at school, named Akai. Under official records in her Japan, with the help of "record-editing" by Mizuho, Aster's name is listed as Asuta Suzuki (鈴木あすた Suzuki Asuta). The fact that she was of (presumably) European descent by blood and sported a Japanese name perplexed many and even almost made her lose her cover at one point. Aster's "official" birthday is July 18.


Aster’s semi-dimensional-counterpart joined the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society in February or March 2009, under the approximate age and appearance of sixteen (she didn’t age for a while, and probably never will).

The Aster in the Society is not the original Aster; she is instead "Society!Aster" (a variant of the original Aster made just for the Society). The original Aster has an infinite number of dimensional counterparts. While different Asters can sync memories with each other only when both parties have given permission (like two computers trying to share info), the original Aster can override all barriers and sync without any permission barriers. The original Aster has set up a constant feed of Society!Aster's memories and linked them to her own so that if anyone asks her about the Society she can give a straight answer; Society!Aster has the memories of the original Aster and was thus convinced that she is the original until recently when she was enlightened that she belongs with the Society.

She started to develop a strange voice in her head (which seemed to be implanted by her Author to make things more exciting) that made either snarky remarks at her or tried to "guide" her (and fails). It only seemed to really start any huge conversation or remark about once or twice a day, though, and didn't affect her too much. (This turned out to be a fragment of Adrian's soul.) She was also in denial about Adrian's death, and when she wasn't fooling herself with the idea that he had some sort of plan to get him out of dying and that he's either out there or coming back soon, she was under the delusion he's still around and thus acted, while in the Society, like he was still around...

She later fell into insanity after a vague struggle inside her head to come to terms with Adrian's death, along with the implication that there is something strange inside her...however, while it wasn't quite revealed what it was, Aster eventually fell into a coma while she tried to sort it out in her head. She saw a vision of Adrian (although it turned out it wasn't actually Adrian) and cames to terms with his death, gaining her sanity back as a result; however, when Valerie tried to see what's wrong with her, she found out that Aster in fact possessed a fragment of Adrian's soul. This is used to resurrect Adrian. However, Aster was kidnapped by Runoa and mind-raped in an attempt to use her as a time bomb to destroy all of the universes (but not before writing mysterious numbers on the wall with her own blood). After regaining her composure, her powers were stolen by Nina DeRicha, sucking out her livelihood; Kuroneko rescued her and gave her back her soul.

This triggered her transformation into Type III, dispelling her soul, as her body could not handle her soul; Valerie talked her back to normal, and Adrian tied her soul back to her body.

Weapons, Items, and AbilitiesEdit

"I control the lunar cycles. Without me, Harriet-san would constantly be on PMS."

Aster is a fae, with a significant amount of power based on the moon (moon, water/ice, data/soul, darkness, and air). However, her complete lack of skill in anything prevents her from putting those powers to good use. She wields a moon staff, which assists her in her spellcasting. The Society has seen two of her five forms: a human form, in which she has limited jurisdiction over her abilities, and a first fae form, in which she has an immense amount of power. In her human form, she only retains innate abilities and minor control over elements; in her first fae form she has more power.

An overview of her power:

  • Moon: Aster can project "lunar energy", or a very powerful force that can do several things such as cut through almost anything, change the biological life cycle of any living thing, and have several lunar effects (causing transformations in vampires and/or werewolves, mutating things, etc.). Aster does not like to use this very often, as it can rip open potent plotholes.
  • Water/Ice: Aster can draw water from the air and freeze it. She can also freeze things inside ice. Aster can also breathe in water.
  • Data/Soul: Aster can modify the molecular structure of anything, changing its properties. If manipulated properly, this can alter one's personality and/or memories. (When altering memories, she can only alter existing memories, delete memories, or restore memories that were deleted; she cannot make someone remember what he/she has naturally forgotten.)
  • Darkness: Aster can nullify light or make things dark (she tends to misuse this when she's too lazy to turn off the light). This form of darkness has nothing to do with personality, and merely means anything physical that is the opposite of light.
  • Air: Aster can cause gusts of wind or change the type of air involved that surrounds her. This also gives her the ability to survive poisonous gases like carbon monoxide.

Aster has some other innate fae abilities which she has not experimented with yet, which includes extremely limited shape-shifting and teleportation. She has the ability to fly in her fae forms.

Aster's soul is tied to her in four bonds, masking up seals that release her power; releasing one bond adds 25% of her power back but also gives her 25% more of a chance of losing her soul again.

Aster does not use Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, as she finds them a waste of space and is not very good at strategic games at all (although she'll never admit it).


  • Her blood type is AB.
  • Chrys has never let Aster have anything with more than 25% chocolate mainly due to a bad incident of apple-hogging in their past.
  • Her favorite food was at one point an apple, but she now prefers peaches.
  • She has a moderate singing voice but has been known to annoy people by singing in the shower.
  • Aster has a verbal tic of saying "kyaa~". She also has a minor Japanese accent that doesn't really interfere with how people understand her but still gets somewhat annoying. In a similar way, she has difficulty with complicated English words and idioms (including phrases commonly used by teenagers). Most of the time, however, she speaks fluent English; the only time Japanese ever comes out when she's not speaking to a fluent-Japanese person is with involuntary interjections (e.g. "What?" "Hey!" "Yes!" "Sorry...")
  • She has a phobia of peanut butter sticking to the roof of her mouth.
  • Her theme song is "Sweet Oblivion" or "優しい忘却" ("Yasashii Boukyaku") (translation) (song here), which not only has eerily relevant lyrics to her life but also is from, ironically, the Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu movie.
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