Author #12 (alias Aster Selene)
Name Author #12 (alias Aster Selene)
Gender Female
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert Underwater Sea Power Battle Here"

Author #12, who takes the alias Aster Selene but more often now goes chronically known as Fuzzle-san, is the author of Aster Selene and Cassie Anora. Her real name is known to her close friends and Society members who have facebook.



Author #12 (goes off being the twelfth author to write for the Society as she doesn't use an in-universe nickname to look more professional) has long dark brown hair (it's almost black but when put next to light it turns out to be a very dark brown), along with dark brown eyes (the Author likes to claim that they're milk chocolate when in fact they're actually more of a dark generic Crayola brown). She wears braces, usually with turquoise bands. She's somewhat short, although not unnaturally short.


The Author, while very profound in her attempts to be civil, has a very hot temper and can blow up with any "insult" given to her. She is subject to severe bouts of fangirlism, although she is desperately trying to improve herself. She tries to give an image of stoicism, but fails, and turns out to be just like any generic person.

Although she's grown out of the obsession with fae (not "fairies", as she insists fae are much more mature and are a race much like elves) she had when she was ten, she still, for nostalgic reasons, is responsible for making every single one of her characters fae.

The Author is extremely obsessive with anything she encounters, and once she's given something it's very difficult to stop her. While not as extreme as Aster, the Author does have a liking for anime/manga, although her current obsession will change from time to time (Aster remains a fervent Haruhiist). Her all-time favorite anime/manga series is Lucky Star, as she says "nothing can live up to its pwnsomeness. It's far too realistic."

The Author, having written Aster, knows very well how to threaten her, and has several sources of blackmail the Society does not have. Generally however, Aster and her Author do get along well, and Aster often gets hyper upon meeting the Author for unknown reasons. Aster refers to her author as "onee-chan" (お姉ちゃん, older sister), signifying that they have a friendly relationship.

Unlike Aster, the Author is perfectly willing to watch/read yaoi/yuri anime/manga (she is, for instance, a fan of Axis Powers Hetalia, which Aster finds distasteful). However, the sheer amount of anime/manga Aster has seen outstrips that of what the Author has seen by a long shot.

Unlike Aster, who is pagan, the Author is Protestant Christian. This difference in religion leads to several spats between Aster and the Author.

Her real name is, ironically, extremely Sueish, and is an ironic example of how sometimes the things that don't work in fiction are reality. Her real name will be revealed on this page sometime before June.


The Author began her writing when she was around ten, and thus her writing is expectedly horrible from those days; she expresses a keen desire to burn her old writing, although her parents insist that "they're cute".

The Author has written four characters as personal connections to the fictional world. Because of her privacy issues, she refuses to reveal her real name to the world (she has said this to be "classified information"), and thus has assumed three of the names online. She chooses to assume a character's name when it is her "latest" creation.

Her known characters are:

  • Arinaia: The Butterfly Fae (and yes, the Author was that immature) and the leader of the Seven Guardians, Arinaia was an obvious self-insert. Arinaia had no dark past or merely lived out the clichéd I-have-powers-in-the-real-world-but-I-never-knew scenario. She had a necklace with a pendant of a fae, along with a large pink staff and the ability to shoot out pink bursts of light. Arinaia was killed gruesomely as a part of the plot, and was not seen again.
  • Cassie Anora: Cassie lived in a "random" world, and lived with 13 other kids (all based on the Author's school friends). She was the first creation to have a love interest (based on the boy the Author had an obsessive crush on) and would make out with him every two pages. Cassie was the most powerful (and the last) water fae in the world after a strange virus wiped out all the others. She had an alternate counterpart named RainbowSprinkle (who was similar to Arinaia but was more of a crack character and actually had a very small degree of Sueishnes). The Author realized that this was her worst disaster yet and attempted to lock Cassie in the Vault of Abandoned Ideas, but Cassie eventually escaped and became the Lieutenant Mary Sue.
  • Vanessa "Ness" Trunor: Ness was an early prototype for Aster; however, Ness was almost as bad if not equal to Cassie in Sueishness. She had a twin kidnapped at an early age who eventually came out to be her enemy then ally. Ness had an identical dress and staff to Aster's; however, Ness had black hair and would either let it down or have a braid. After being used for two months, Ness lost the Author's favor and the Author eventually safely sealed Ness in her sketchbook so that Ness could not deal any more damage. Ness is the only character the Author did not assume as a name; also, Ness remains on good terms with the Author, as the sketchbook is a very friendly environment for her.
  • Aster Selene: The Author's first non-self-insert and the closest to not being a Mary Sue, Aster is the result of the Author's realization that she could have a large degree of power as long as the personality balanced it out. Thus, Aster was idiot. While she does have a mystic backstory, more emphasis is put on Aster's lack of ability to comprehend it - or to comprehend anything, for that matter. Aster's progression was greatly aided by the Author's friends Akai-Kurenai and chrystalclear, who had their own characters, although this required Aster to move to Japan. The Author currently assumes Aster's name.

The Author warned the Society that the Lieutenant Mary Sue Cassie Anora was on the move. After the Society captured Cassie, the Author rewarded them with an important fact about Aster. Later, she (after torturing Cassie brutally) assisted the Society in rescuing Kyle.

The Author has no wish to join the Society, as since she refuses to engage in self-insertation, she would only be a normal, physically weak girl who would be unable to stand up against any Sue or Stu. Because she does not actively self-insert, she is able to enter and leave the Library at will without a portal gun. However, she will appear at times to visit/punish/warn Aster or other Society members. Because of her abstinence from appearance as a character, she cannot appear in any story she has not written (i.e. all her appearances take place in stories written only by Aster Selene/AsterOfTheMoon).

The Author notably has an ability to hold a large grudge; she nonchalantly killed off Arinaia with no remorse, showed a great deal of coldness towards Cassie, and sealed Ness in a sketchbook. This proves a problem as it is unknown what actions the Author will take if Aster falls out of her favor. The Author does, however, take a liking to Aster not seen with her other characters, so this will hopefully bode well for her.


  • The Author has a shih tzu named Muffin, whom she rescued off the streets (yes, this is a true story).
  • While the Author likes to claim she's on a diet, she in fact has a weakness for madeleines, shortbread cookies, apples (much like Aster), and chocolate (which she has had). Toffee popcorn - and in fact regular popcorn - would be nice too.
  • She has terrible vision and must wear thick glasses; however, since she refuses to be seen in public with these glasses, she wears contacts every day.
  • The only characters she ever fully maintains diligently are Aster and her UTAU, Hana Kyou.
  • She is very good with computers and other electronics.
  • She has a truly debilitating fear of heights.
  • She does not like several kinds of vegetables (even at her age) and will steer them clear in the direction of Muffin, her parents, the trash can, or (if in the fictional world) Aster (who will eat them greedily).
  • She hates coffee, prompting confusion from many of her friends.