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Canon Cannon
Canon Cannon
Name Canon Cannon
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Unpronounceable Alien Species Here"

The Canon Cannon is a gadget used by Society Agents.


The Canon Cannon is a large Napoleonic cannon that has the ability to freeze canon in its place, leaving everything non-canon (Sues and Society members, for example) able to move with no disturbances. To fire, the fuse at the top must be lit, and an explosion followed by a shockwave will follow, which causing time and space in the fandom to freeze. The Canon Cannon is registered only to Harriet, and is currently undergoing remodelling as it has a tendency to blast its way across the room if not fixed down, being on two large spoked wheels. Also if the user is not wearing a beret when firing, the cannon can be very destructive to things that are not canon.

The current version of the Canon Cannon is version 2.4b (there hadn’t been a 2.4a or even a 2.3 for that matter, but Harriet is insistent it sounds more impressive). It still does not work much better than the previous version. It requires Level 2 or 3 Security Clearance to operate, and a healthy dose of insanity.

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