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Our featured articles are chosen by the previous poll on the front page. They remain the featured article there until the next poll has run its course, and so on.

We try not to feature an article more than once; they all deserve the exposure!! So try and write the poll, if you're doing the next one, to not include any of this list or the category which should mirror it. Also, stubs (found here) are too incomplete to be worthwhile featured articles, so don't include them unless or until you can get the needed information on them.

Please place this userbox on the talk page of the featured article in question to mark the achievement.

FA! X was the Featured Article on the main page from A to B.

Article Featured from
Deliha Brightflower 19 January 2012
Automatic Tailorisation Machine 4 November 2011
Tom 17 May 2011
Avak 26 September 2010
Little Plastic Green Beret 17 September 2010
Death 27 April 2010
Prohibitor 10 March 2010
Oneshot 19 January 2010
Deus Ex Machina 11 January 2010
Big Lipped Alligator Moment 11 January 2010
Scene Transition 5 January 2010
Michael Wasson 14 December 2009
Tato 14 December 2009
Runoa 7 December 2009
Silver 3 December 2009
Lily Adamson 23 November 2009
Crystellia 16 November 2009
Claire Upward 9 November 2009
Pete 1 November 2009
Cristoph Asahina 23 October 2009
Karissa 23 October 2009
Mary-Ann Twilight 6 October 2009
Ben 28 September 2009
Rhia 20 September 2009
Aster Selene 13 September 2009
Emily Smith 13 September 2009
Douglas Kreig 6 September 2009
Danielle 6 September 2009
Tyler 30 August 2009
Harriet 22 August 2009
Marcus Pate 16 August 2009
Drake Dragonsoul 9 August 2009
Natasha Marquand 1 August 2009
Adrian 27 July 2009

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