Lydia Hei
Name Lydia Hei
Gender Female
Age Unknown

Lydia Hei is an ex-Wanderer and an ally to the Society.


This 5'5" Wanderer is the Sino-Japanese cousin of Vespin. She acts as an undercover agent for the Wanderers, feeding them reliable information so as to act accordingly. She was the one who provided information regarding the Call of Duty fandom, and later, the G.I.Joe fandom. She is the only one able to control Vespin's power by absorbing her powers; she has more self-control compared to her cousin as she doesn't utilize them.

After the mission to the Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 fandom, she agreed to provide extra intelligence to Ingrid if she didn't have enough background information on an intended fandom.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

As a spy, she has been trained by both Ivan and Rina to blend into any fandom. She also has been trained by Terry and Doug in armed combat. Also, she has the power to copy a person's mind for infiltration purposes.

  • USP 45: Weapon of choice. Not necessary for automatic weapons since she is always undercover and near targets
  • Combat knife

Power RankingEdit

  • Intelligence: A+
  • Wisdom: S
  • Strength: B-
  • Defense: B+
  • Weapons skill: Ranged (A-) Melee(B+)
  • Magic: D-
  • Agility: B+
  • Charisma: S

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