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The Elementals were a team of Level 7 Sues and Stus on the verge of becoming level 8.


The Elementals were Marcus' first fic idea, and had an entire series, but he only wrote the very first fic. Upon finishing it, he realized how small the Teen Titans fanbase had gotten and how much he had hated writing the fic and gave up on the saga, thus sending the Elementals into the Vault of Abandoned Ideas.

For a year they stayed there, some of the most developed ideas in the Vault, before they were freed by Willowe Foxblade, who was amassing a personal army. They agreed to serve her, in exchange for being allowed to finish their saga. A spell was cast, making their story a reality, and impossible to interrupt without permission from a controller of the spell. Once the spell is completed, they will ascend to level 8 and the Teen Titans fandom will be at their mercy forever.

It is unknown what happened to those who were defeated after Willowe's attack on the Library and her freeing of the Sues from the Basement, however some guesses can be made from judging the ratio of survivors to dead from that battle.

Each Elemental had their own powers, personality, and history, and they vary greatly.


Name Flare
Gender Male
Age 18
Introduced In "Insert...NO TIME! SEVERE CRISIS!"

Flare, the Elemental of fire, is the oldest and the leader. An orphan for as long as he could remember, Flare lived in Hawaii until his powers activated. Seeking discipline to control them, he journeyed to China to train with Chi Hui, the True Master. Thanks to years of training, he gained not only control of his pyrokinesis, but highly advanced skills in martial arts and a highly muscular build before discovering Cascade and starting the Elementals. He also has a rivalry going with Robin.


Name Cascade
Gender Female
Age 17
Introduced In "Insert...NO TIME! SEVERE CRISIS!"

Cascade is the second-oldest of the team and the most ruthless fighter, despite her beautiful appearance. A child from a lower-middle-class family including drunken dad and overworked mom, Cascade struck it big as an overnight singing sensation. Unfortunately, this was destroyed when her powers activated and flooded an amphitheater. Too ashamed to go home, she wandered the slums of LA until she met Flare and started the Elementals. For unspecified reasons, she and Gust have a very angry love-hate relationship. Her powers include hydrokinesis, healing, and, later on, cryokinesis.


Name Volt
Gender Male
Age 16
Introduced In "Insert...NO TIME! SEVERE CRISIS!

Volt is a child prodigy with an IQ of 165 (though a typo stated it was 265 and was never corrected). His mother died giving birth to him and he was raised by his father and elder brother. He graduated college at twelve and got a job at the CIA, where he worked as an inventor, creating the Electro-booster, a device allowing the user to accelerate faster than the speed of sound, and a suit of armor to contain sonicbooms. However, it was deemed a failure due to the fact that it took an immensely powerful yet portable power supply, and Volt was demoted to a desk job. It was there that he discovered a horrible secret, and his boss tried to kill him with bloodstream nanobots. Volt overloaded them when his powers activated, and he escaped with the Electro-booster, only to discover his family was killed the next day. After days of wandering, he met the Elementals' archenemy, the Replicant, who convinced him he was a friend and tried to get him to take down the Elementals. Since Volt found out, he was dedicated to destroying the Replicant. After the Replicant was supposedly destroyed, he joined the Titans. Volt's power is electrokinesis, and it is considerably weaker than any other member of the team.


Name Gust
Gender Male
Age 16
Introduced In "Insert...NO TIME! SEVERE CRISIS!

Gust was the heir to an airline fortune, and spent his childhood traveling the world. Though he doesn't show it, he may be the second-smartest of the team, being fluent in twenty languages. He also loves both to cook and to eat, this being obvious from his heavyset appearance. Gust's powers activated during a plane ride home, destroying the plane and killing both his parents. Less than two weeks later, he met with the other Elementals and joined. His wealth and one of his jets (redesigned into the E-jet) have been invaluable. For unspecified reasons, he and Cascade have a very angry love-hate relationship. His powers include strong winds and flight. Unlike the other Elementals, his powers run through his feet as well as his hands. Gust is highly unpredictable in battle and out.


Name Sol
Gender Male
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert...NO TIME! SEVERE CRISIS!"

Sol, Elemental of the sun, is the reincarnation of Rorek, the battle-mage who defeated the dragon Malchior, and as such, is quite skilled in magic, though he's just begun learning it. Born and raised in Kyoto, Sol's powers activated when he shook hands with Luna, who'd just transferred to his school from Paris. The two became fast friends, and eventually joined the Elementals, often being the voices of reason during hectic times. Sol's powers include telekinesis, levitation, the power to send out blinding surges of light, the ability to see through illusions, and great magical ability, though his telekinesis won't work on reflective surfaces.


Name Luna
Gender Female
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert...NO TIME! SEVERE CRISIS!

Luna, Elemental of the moon, was born in Paris and moved to Kyoto when she was thirteen. When she and Sol shook hands, their powers simultaneously activated, and the two became fast friends, eventually joining the Elementals. Like Sol, she is very bright, and often the voice of reason, as well as a warning of oncoming trouble, most likely since she was a soothsayer in a past life. Luna's powers include telekinesis, levitation, the ability to blend into shadows, the power to create illusions, and, at times, clairvoyance, though her telekinesis won't work on reflective surfaces.


Name Flora
Gender Female
Age 14
Introduced In "Insert...NO TIME! SEVERE CRISIS!"

Flora is the youngest of the team, but the strongest fighter. Her origin was never said by her author, and her powers are a mystery. The only clue given was that she was not actually an Elemental, but a stray they picked up. She disappeared in the third story of the saga, and hasn't been seen since...

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