Name Yew
Gender Female
Age unknown
Introduced In "Insert Complicated Plot Twist Here"

Yew is an unknown level Sue.


Yew is a drawing brought to life by Creation.


She looks exactly like Willowe, with long auburn hair and violet eyes.


While Yew initially appeared to be able to copy Willowe's personality, there were errors in her behaviour that Emily was able to detect.


Yew first appeared when Emily received a phone call from a person she believed to be her long-dead eldest sister, Willowe. Tempting the youngest Foxblade into the Twilight fandom, she initially pretended to be Willowe and took Emily for ice-cream. Unfortunately, Yew made a rather large error when she ate chocolate ice-cream. It was then revealed the Yew was a drawing brough to life by Creation's notebook. Yew was killed by Phoenixia.

Powers and AdvantagesEdit

As a copy of Willowe, it is assumed that Yew had all the powers that the original had.

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